Are financial derivatives the most attractive form of prediction markets? Can we eliminate the derivatives issuer and create a people-only market? Find answers here


Leveraging an investment position is standard practice in the ring-fenced arena of derivatives trading. Under the elitist notion that retail investors do not have the wherewithal to handle leverage, this potentially vast investor segment has been excluded from substantial market opportunities, be it as a choice of the retail…

A brief introduction to a very important topic

Derivatives — what are they exactly? Many people are familiar with the term, even if they don’t quite grasp its meaning.

In recent years, the reputation of some derivative instruments has been tarnished greatly, with one of the unfortunate knock-on effects of…

As I return from moderating a panel discussion on the topic of STO regulation and the future of fundraising, I have taken the opportunity to reflect on my experience as a moderator, not only at Delta Summit 2019 but on other occasions too.

Moderating is not an easy game. The…

CloseCross is a decentralized market prediction platform that is aiming to democratize financial markets to the public and allow financial inclusion to arise. CloseCross is creating a paradigm shift for the exchange traded derivatives market and giving people a valid, fair and transparent alternative to the current derivatives setup.



Democratising derivatives trading with blockchain - for everyone. #democraticderivatives

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